Thursday, 15 January 2015

#RYBSAT Round 4 & The Under-Hyped Readathon

RYBSAT (Read-You-Book-Shelf-A-Thon) hosted by Miranda at BooKss101 is back for Round 4 and I'm so excited! This is definitely one of my favourite readathons to do and really motivates me to read as much as I can. It starts 16th January and goes through until 23rd January.

If you're not sure what it's about, check out Miranda's video here! Basically, you pick a point on your bookshelf and then read along the shelf as much as you can. You can skip sequels to books if you want (for example, if Cinder is on your shelf, you read that but can skip Scarlet and Cress and move straight onto the next book along if you wish).


I will be reading from this point of my shelf above, starting from Defiance and continuing on along the shelf. These are all series I have wanted to start  for a while and only have the first book of so I'm excited to get stuck in!

During RYBSAT there is also another readathon happening dedicated to under-hyped books - whether that be on the internet or in real life. Check out their Goodreads group here. It's starting 19th January and running through until 25th January so the two readathons overlap for the majority of the week. As the books in my TBR for RYBSAT aren't under-hyped (in fact I'm actually wary of the hype for some of them!) then I can't use any towards the Under-Hyped readathon. However, once RYBSAT has ended, I'm planning on trying to pick up an under-hyped book to at least start over the weekend of 24th January - we'll see how this goes!

I'm giving myself a list to choose from so I can pick one depending on my mood:

I'm calling these under-hyped as they either don't have many ratings on Goodreads or I just don't see them very often around BookTube or the blogosphere - or if I do, only occasionally. I may be wrong and there could be a massive following out there that I've not come across but what can you do :)

Let me know if you're doing any of these readathons and what you're planning to read!

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