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Review - Ocean of Secrets by Aimee Friedman

Ocean of Secrets
Title: Ocean of Secrets (Sea Change in the US)
Author: Aimee Friedman
Published: 5th July 2012 by Scholastic UK
Source: Owned paperback

Many are drawn to Selkie Island. Few know why. 
 When Miranda Merchant escapes her lonely, hot summer in New York City, little does she know what awaits her. She steps off the ferry on to an island rife with legend and lore. 
 She isn't expecting to feel a connection to this unusual place. And when she meets Leo, a mysterious local boy, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about boys, friendship, reality . . . and love. 
 But is Leo hiding something she never could have imagined? [Goodreads]
I was quite sceptical over this to start with due to the paranormal element, and was worried about how it would play out. However, once I got stuck in I was sucked into the world of Selkie Island and the blossoming love between Miranda and Leo. It made for a really enjoyable, light read and the mysterious paranormal side was introduced slowly and didn't overwhelm the whole plot. Although I could guess what was going on quite early on (I'm not sure if this was always the purpose of the author or not), it didn't deter my enjoyment and there were still parts that Aimee Friedman left unanswered and ambiguous for the reader to decide for themselves.

I really liked Miranda as a main female character and loved her scenes with Leo as they started to fall for each other. I also really liked the plot strand involving her mother and grandmother, and it added another level to the story. At the end of the book I was itching for more though, even just an epilogue. I know it was always the author's intentions to leave it slightly open-ended but I had so many questions! In an interview she does at the end of the book she explains why she chose to end the book that way but I would definitely read a sequal. She speaks about the possibilty of one in the interview, but I doubt that will happen now as it has been over 4 years since it was first published. Boo!

Overall though it was a great read and definitely works as a stand-alone novel, so don't be put off! If you're in the mood for an easy read with a helping of paranormal-lite romance, this could very well be for you!


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  1. I've seen this cover around, but never picked it up. I have to admit that I've really been shying away from paranormal books lately. The genre just really hasn't done it for me for a long time, but this one does sound pretty interesting. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and will keep my fingers crossed that you get that sequel. :) Great review!


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