Monday, 15 July 2013


This is just a quick apology to explain the lack of posts around here in the last few days - I've been a busy bee!

Thursday I graduated from my Masters degree (yay!) so I was down in Aberystwyth for a couple of days - enjoying the beautiful weather by the sea in my old university town.

 photo af8cfbc7-90f0-42b1-8ba5-aa8129469f56_zpsa66c3c2b.jpg
Aberystwyth by night
 photo 720b7709-17d9-419f-871f-57ab6abb2bec_zpsc822c452.jpg
Morning walk along the front
Then on Saturday, me and my husband got the keys to our new house and the whole weekend has been an excited blur of boxes, moving vans, dust and champagne :)

So all in all, quite a life-changing week for me but all should be back to normal on here soon enough! 


  1. Congrats on all the exciting happenings, Hannah! Come back soon...we miss you!

    1. Aww thanks Melissa! I will definitely be posting again soon :)

  2. Congratulations on graduating and moving! What did you get your degree in? Aberystwyth looks gorgeous! What a cool place to go to school.

    1. Thanks Natalie! :) Aber is such a beautiful place to study, I loved every minute of it! I did my undergrad in English Lit and my graduation this time was for my Masters in Information and Library studies :)

  3. Aber looks SO pretty at sunset...beautiful pictures! I live in Wales, and we used to holiday in Haverfordwest, and it looks beautiful out by the sea at night there, too :)
    Congrats on graduating, Hannah! :D
    ~Becca xo


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