Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review - The Arcade Series by Kitty Charles

Title: The Arcade Series
Author: Kitty Charles
Published: Ongoing - every month this year by Blue Eyed Llama
Source: Kindle edition from Amazon UK

What do you dream of?

Gorgeous clothes, gourmet foods, beautiful men?

Whatever you wish for, Angell’s Arcade is all your dreams come true. Under its Victorian glass atrium, twelve little shops glow like gems– and the people who run them love and fight and sell for their lives.

Released in twelve monthly instalments – like your favourite soap, The Arcade brings you characters you love to hate – and to love. Each bite-sized episode is perfect for your journey to work, your lunch-break – or a quiet night of escapism. And it’ll leave you wanting more – with a teaser of next month’s storyline!

So what are you waiting for? Time to give into your dreams and sample the delights of Angell’s Arcade. Go on, take a look inside. [Goodreads]

 photo thearcade_zps267b042b.png

The Arcade is a series of short stories all surrounding a collection of shops that share space in a glamorous shopping centre. The first episode introduces you to Faith, a new addition to the Arcade, as she sets up her vintage clothes shop and starts meeting the other tenants at a New Year's party. Each episode after that follows a particular shop or business and it's owner, weaving everything together as each character tells their own story.

They're short stories, so perfect for a quick read as you dip in each month to experience another part of the Arcade. Kitty Charles is a pseudonym for a group of six bestselling women's fiction authors who each take it in turn to write an episode, so this way, the reader is not only delving into different character's lives, but also different writing styles.

The series are a really fun read and very easy to catch up on, the perfect escapist treat for a quick read in the sun!


  1. I probably would never have heard of this series of shorts if you hadn't reviewed it, Hannah, so thank you! It definitely sounds fun, sweet and cute...something I lack a lot in my reader. I definitely need to give these a go. Wonderful thoughts :)

    1. They are really cute :) I love just quickly dipping into them when the mood strikes!


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